Hi !

I cant believe its already February ! So to kick off this months post and help tick off one of my biggest goals for this year here is what products ive used up this month.

There are a lot of mascaras that I’ve used up in January this is because I got rid of the ones that I had been using for a while and replaced them with new ones. You should really only use a mascara for 3 months before replacing it but I had gone over these 3 months by a long time so decided it was time for a new set of mascaras.

  • Alex Steiner maximum moisture lock in moisturiser ( primark )

I bought this last year , didn’t really love it for my face , it was a little too thick for me but was great for knees and elbows before tanning.

  • isle of paradise light tan

my tan of choice , this is the water spray. ive got two more bottles on the go and ive just started using the drops for my face. the best tan ever !

  • L’Oreal volume million lashes

Didn’t like this one that much , the brush is massive but the silicone hairs on the brush are very very short so didn’t work for me , would be amazing for someone with shorter lashes.

  • kiko ultra tech volume and definition

My favourite must have mascara at the moment , a thinner brush with longer hairs on the brush. the curl version is amazing too.

  • kiko luxurious lashes extra volume mascara

Too big of a brush for me again , great for people who wear lashes alot and just want a mascara to gel both natural and fake lashes together.

  • kiko 30 days night treatment

I LOVE LOVE LOVE  this treatment. Use it on a night like the name says to help grow lashes. its also an amazing brow get for during the day.

  • primark PS beauty matte nude lipstick

Didn’t like this that much very drying however a beautiful colour. wouldn’t buy anymore of them due to the fact it felt like dragging a crayon over my lips.


I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post. What goals are you hoping to achieve this year ? and what products have you been loving ?

I’ll be back next week with another post. In the meantime you can keep up to date with me on Instagram , twitter and Facebook and email me at molliephillipsmua@gmail.com.

Also let me know what you would like to see on the blog as i’m always open to your ideas as your the people who are reading this blog ! x

See you soon !

Mollie x


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