Hi !

Last year I did a current loves post about my new love of podcasts. around a year later I have discovered so many more. you can read the original post *HERE* and read my new favourites below

All podcasts mentioned below are available on apple podcasts ( through that pesky podcast app on your phone that you never use ! )

Favourite Podcasts 

  • Jules and Sarah the podcast

I found This podcast over a year ago now. Jules and Sarah best friends and northerners who now live in London post a weekly podcast on a Friday morning. Talking about everything from their mothers too the best news from the north this podcast is like the biggest warmest hug from your oldest friend. It makes those Friday mornings so much better. If your northern , or love cheese this podcast is for you ( there is also a public and private Facebook group for listeners which is my newest favourite thing )

  • Happy place

TV presenter Fearne Cotton’s podcast. a weekly episode launches every Wednesday where Fearne and a guest talk about their lives and what truly makes them happy and there struggles to find what makes them happy. if you ever a little down or just need a boost this is the podcast for you. episodes I will always go back too; Gok Wan, Tom Daley , Dawn French and Alexandra Shulman are some of the best.

  • The Emma guns show

Emma Guns , a beauty journalist , has a weekly podcast in which she chats to experts from the beauty and lifestyle industry. I dont listen to every episode but I do listen to 90% of them out of pure fascination with the industry. This past year Emma has also launched a weekly update mini podcast on her 26 habits ( one new habit every two weeks of 2018 ). If your into the beauty industry this one’s for you.

  • Fat mascara

Two more beauty journalists , this time Jessica Matlin and Jennifer Goldstein with a host of A-list-ers and the best of beauty industry. interviews with MUA’s such as makeup by Mario , sir john and Daniel martin. A proper geeky podcast but if your into the geeky-ness of the beauty industry this ones a must.

  • On the line with Estee Lalonde

This is a new one to me , a podcast that wasn’t on the previous post. Estee is a beauty / lifestyle influsencer from Canada living in London in her weekly podcasts she talks with various experts from beauty lifestyle and health backgrounds. As part of the Podcast the expert and Estee herself answer listeners questions about that weeks topic. topics range from skincare with a dermatologist , friendship and breakups. a proper feel good interesting podcast that is great for long walks and journeys.

  • At home with

Two lifestyle and beauty influencers ( this is starting to be a theme now ) Lilly and Anna host a weekly podcast in which they go round to a fellow influencer or celebrity’s house and talk about their work and interior design. I have a side passion for interiors and I cant wait too get my own house one day , this podcast is amazing for journeys and walks and also great if you have a interiors passion just like me.

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post. What podcasts do you love and listen too ?

I’ll be back next week with another post. In the meantime you can keep up to date with me on Instagram , twitter and Facebook and email me at molliephillipsmua@gmail.com.

Also let me know what you would like to see on the blog as i’m always open to your ideas as your the people who are reading this blog ! x

See you soon !

Mollie x


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