Hi ,

Mid way through the year I set up 18 things i wanted to do in 2018 – I found the lululemon campaign through my favourite podcast ‘Jules and Sarah the podcast’ which you can listen to *HERE*.

*HERE* is my original goal setting blog post , and *HERE* is my first post explaining why I chose each goal.Mid way through my 18in18 journey I did a 6 month update which you can also find *HERE*

And for the final time this year , here is my final 18in18 update.


1   Grow my blog – 1 post per week *DONE*

Ok so I haven’t done one post per week but I certainly feel like ive done more posts this year and made them more of what I want to be writing then writing for the sake of getting a post out every week.

2   clean out my room ( De-clutter ) by march *DONE*

This has happened and i want to happen again next year. I feel like i just collect so much rubbish over the year including old beauty products and clothing i no longer wear. watch out for next years 19in19 post thats coming soon !

3   tidy up room every night so its clean and easier to get ready in the morning *DONE*

This was the one i knew i wanted to get done this year and its helped so much. putting those bits away on a night and clearing my desk after ive been working has made getting ready in a morning so much easier. instead of getting up to a mess and trying to find what i need ive got up to a nice clean room.

4   sort out my insurance for work *DONE*

Ok so ive not got the insurance yet but i know which one im getting and as soon as the new year rolls i’ll be buying it up.


5  pass my driving test * NOT ACHIEVED *

This I haven’t achieved , but I hope to achieve my april.

6   loose weight / get more fitness into my life *DONE*

Ok , so I havent lost weight but I do feel so much more comfortable with my body. In the new year I hope to get out more and go on more walks which will help with this one.

7  travel to 3 new places by December 2018 *DONE*

Ok so they were not abroad like I hoped but I traveled to edinburgh in march , newcastle in april ( for my birthday ) and last of all I traveled to a new area of menorca ( I’ve been to menorca before but not the area we went to this year).

8 *****

9 *****

10  graduate with  2:1 *DONE*

I graduated with a 2:1 in september and i hope to graduate with the same next september when i finish my BA(hons)

11  save up to 3K in my savings account *DONE*

Im really proud of this one. Im really lucky to have a full time job as well as my student loan so when my loan comes through ive been moving it into a ISA. Im not sure what im saving for but it’s there for when I need it.

12 get a job in makeup retail / permanent job in makeup *DONE*

I did this by may and if im honest I didn’t expect to achieve this goal. Thanks to some amazing

friends I left my saturday till job and started a full time makeup retail job. Plus with in a month I went from a sales assistant to a temporary supervisor and stock room manager ( hoping to become permanent in the new year. )

13 * This one I scribbled out because its a personal one that I dont want out there * *DONE*

I won’t talk about this one much as its private but this was done my march but then will be rolling over to next year as there is another part of it that i want to achieve too.

14 *****

15 become a full time makeup artist ( this means leaving my part time retail job i have at the moment ) * NOT ACHIEVED *

As I have just got the new job this year im not that worried that I didn’t achieve this goal. its going to take a lot more time before I will work for myself freelance wise.

16 buy my first car * NOT ACHIEVED *

As I havent passed the test yet I haven’t done this one either. But who knows this could be a goal that i tick off next year !

17 *****

18 *****

I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post. What goals have you achieved this year ? and what do you hope to achieve next year ?

I’ll be back next week with another post. In the meantime you can keep up to date with me on Instagram , twitter and Facebook and email me at molliephillipsmua@gmail.com.

Also let me know what you would like to see on the blog as i’m always open to your ideas as your the people who are reading this blog ! x

See you soon !

Mollie x


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