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Self gifting is another way of saying treating yourself. This year I have treated myself to quite a few new bits as we hit bonus at work and I did quite a bit of over time so once I had put some into my savings ( a good habit to get into ) I decided to treat myself to a few things. here is what i self gifted myself this December.

*I purchased all the items listed below with my own money , nothing was gifted or payed for or given for review.



Starting with the basics , I wont go into detail but I got myself some new underwear. I finally had a clear out of my wardrobe and clothing and threw so many old clothes away and gave so many bags of unworn clothes to the local charity shop. After the clear out ( which was one of my 18in18 goals ) I realised a lot of my underwear drawer had been thrown out so I popped over too the ASOS sale and filled up my basket. Buying in the black Friday sale saved me money but got me what I needed so a great tip if your treating yourself November / December time.


For the last year , probably more , ive been using a ZARA reversible tote bag as my everyday bag. It was only about £30 and slowly the straps have started to split and fray so I knew it would be time to buy a new one. I haven’t got a new bag yet as my parents are treating me to one as part of my present but I have bought two new smaller bags from TOP-SHOP. I used to have a small bag i used when I didn’t need a massive bag with me but my purse didn’t fit in it and the clasp broke after a while so I treated myself too a new small black bag ( which I used for my graduation ). Then the other day I treated myself to a small red bag also from TOP-SHOP which fits my purse in , and more and closes and has a longer strap. Let me tell you it feels so nice to have bags that fit what I need in them !


My Basic clothing needed a update after a wardrobe clear out. I popped into H&M the other day and stocked up on leggings and some new basic jumpers ( I wear these for uni and when I have days off work) and when I was near a M&S a few weeks ago I stocked up on some plain black and white T-shirts. and I’m also going to treat myself to some new trainers in the new year as I wear black trainers for work and my Adidas trainers for day to day so i’m going to have a shoe clear out in the new year and expand my collection.



As a makeup artist I have a lot of set bags , big zuka bags and little actor bags but my own makeup bag has always been a small pencil case or a freebie bag that ive got whilst makeup shopping. As I now work in makeup retail and often wear a full face I do travel with more makeup then i used to. I treated myself to a long clear plastic makeup bag , a lot like a on set actors bag but it fits perfectly in my handbag. Its clear so i can see whats in it and its big enough to fit a whole face of makeup in it.


I hope you have enjoyed this weeks post. What have you bought yourself this Christmas ?

I’ll be back next week with another post. In the meantime you can keep up to date with me on Instagram , twitter and Facebook and email me at

Also let me know what you would like to see on the blog as i’m always open to your ideas as your the people who are reading this blog ! x

See you soon !

Mollie x



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